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Do you produce legal documents throughout the day which are never read, understood, or applied and lead to several questions?

Do you wish to transform your contracts into intuitive digital tools, applicable to new consumption patterns?

Do you want your compliance programs to be read and applied and therefore secure the business?

Did you create innovative offers or services and wish to take on the right strategy to communicate and make these visible and attractive?

Go all the way and find the offer which suits you best!

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Positioning strategy

The platform economy (Uber, Airbnb, Amazon, ..) is bringing customer experience and customer satisfaction in our daily lives. Today's new law consumer seeks, beyond legal expertise, a new interaction which is more personalized, more within reach, more responsive and transparent.

Our team can support you in terms of designing innovative services and services in line with new customer expectations and enhance your know-how to build long lasting relationships.

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Legal Service Design

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  • → Creating an engaging customer experience
  • → Design of legal documents
  • → General terms and conditions/Terms of Use, Data protection policy, Compliance programs, Fee agreement, Internal notes, Mission letters

Legal Design Business Model

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  • → Creation or transformation of your business model
  • → Rethink your invoicing system to be more transparent
  • → Creation of tools for customers
  • → Digital transformation
  • → Creation of customer segmentation tools

Legal Design Organization

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  • → Creation or transformation of your structure, process
  • → Implementation of organizational and collaboration strategies
  • → Creation of digital or paper tools

Communication strategy

30 million Internet users are connected on a daily basis on social networks. We can no longer afford to ignore this communication channel when launching and developing strategy.

Our team can support you while implementing a digital communication strategy, that reflects your organization, targets your clients or your users and respects professional ethics.

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Visual design

From 400€ excluding taxes

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  • → Designing innovative communication media
  • → Infographics
  • → Logigrams, diagrams
  • → User journey, storytelling
  • → Videos, motion design

Social networks

From 400€ excluding taxes

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  • → Gain customers and be autonomous on social networks
  • → Support for the complete overhaul of your profiles
  • → A training to learn how to publish in an effective and impactful way to generate leads
  • → Creation of templates adapted to your visual identity
  • → Tutorials to modify the templates
  • → Complete guide accompanying you through all stages of change

All of our services are tailored to your specific needs. We will be delighted to assist you with all the issues which affect your profession!

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