A new
law practice

Legal design emerged through the encounter between Stanford Law School and the School of Design (the D. School) leading to the Legal Design Lab in 2013.

Legal design is the methodology application of design thinking in law, to come up with innovative products and services.

The aim is to put the client, the consumer, the public service user, the litigant, at the center of any approach, to design the best processes, products and services.

It's about giving law a new meaning: making it resume its strategic function

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Legal design in action

Today, there are several initiatives carried out by legal professionals around the globe, who have integrated the Legal design approach and comply with the new expectations of society.

  • Law firms that work with designers to best meet the needs of their clients: Dottir Finlande.
  • Courts that work with Legal designers to improve the litigant's experience within the premises: Stanford Legal Design Lab's Project.
  • Constitutional Courts that collaborate with designers for a more accessible and less hindered legal system: La Tutela in Colombia.
  • Companies that lean on the era of future contracts with accessible, commiting and functional documents for their users: Privacy Policy August.