Law can make you smile


Source: Superior Council of Justice, Brussels

Source: Wolters Kluwer survey, June 2020

Source: 5th Observatory of Legal Departments, 2019

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A human-centered approach provides a more impactful solution, in terms of the daily problems of legal professionals

(dissatisfied customers, lack of collaboration, non-application of directives, etc.)

What is legal design?Réalisations

Why Legal

Source Deloitte 2017, for 18-34 year olds

Source: 2019 Enquiry

of people say that the customer experience influences their purchasing decision

Source: Global Customer Service Report, 2017

Legal design emerged from these various frustrations, with the ambition to improve the law experience of the consumer

engageant . accessible . créatif . opérationnel

committing. accessible. creative. operational

The future of law

Service focused on the user

More effective internal/external communication

A more collaborative organization

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