the future of law



Imagine is our second “baby” who was born at a law school. Our entrepreneurial story began in 2018 with La Law Box, the first box for law students that supports the future lawyers, in terms of the most sought-after skills by recruiters.

The universe created by The Law Box has led to new demands from legal professionals who have seen the power of Legal design for their business. So we worked with an international law firm on a compliance program for their clients that would finally be read, understood and applied.

Following the project's success, we began to dream of a new world where law would be within reach, intelligible, engaging, and operational. This dream led to Imagine.

Kristina Lazatian

  • Lawyer
  • registration in progress
  • Serial-entrepreneur
  • Lawyer School Training Manager
  • Innovation Strategy Pole - Legal design
  • Innovative project coach
  • DU digital transformation Panthéon Assas
  • Certified facilitator in Design thinking (IDEO U)

Carole Walter

Elsa Djabian

Aurélie Viaux

Pierre Muller

Joseph Anthony